Working together for Rural Safety 

December 2022


The Agricultural community of Middelburg Karoo is proud to have successfully completed the first phase of the Middelburg Karoo Camera System which entailed the installation of security cameras on all the roads leading in- and out of Middelburg, Eastern Cape, during the month of November 2022. Based on evidence from other towns/cities in the Eastern Cape who have installed such systems, it is expected that these cameras will have a major impact in reducing crime in- and around this Karoo town. 

These cameras are Licence Plate Recognition cameras (LPR) including oversight cameras to ensure traffic from both directions are thoroughly recorded. The cameras are monitored 24 hours a day by the Agri Eastern Cape Operations Room and feeds into a provincial- and national intelligence data base. The cameras enable early warning notifications of any suspicious vehicles entering Middelburg and will also be able to track vehicles that move out of the area. Funding to put up these cameras were made possible by the individual contributions of more than 40 farmers around Middelburg, a donation from Agri Securitas and donations from Middelburg community members. The cameras were installed by InterSec Access and the system is coordinated by the Middelburg EC Agricultural Union and Agri Eastern Cape. 

Rural safety is essential for any business, whether it be in the agricultural, tourism or commercial sector, to function. Even more so, it is essential for the people living in- and around Middelburg to live happy and productive lives. Middelburg’s agricultural community, of whom the majority are proud wool producers, continues to be a significant and valued pillar of this little Karoo town. 

written by :Yolandi Erusmus