Knit a square to show you care

Knit a square to show you care.

18 July 2022

What an uncertain time we find ourselves in, BUT one thing that IS certain, is that people do care and are eager to help. How do I know this? I have just experienced it. 

From the moment the word went out about the Knit a square project, the squares began to come in. No need for cajoling or reminding, the squares arrived! Inexperienced knitters asked for assistance with their knitting, experienced knitters enquired about knitting ‘fancier’ squares and some folk even got their domestic workers helping with the project. Two yarn manufacturers donated yarn so we were able to hand that out to whoever needed it and this yarn has also been used to put the squares together. 

To date, close on 700 squares have been handed in and it seems we should have about 20 blankets to donate. Folk from the community are currently sewing or crocheting the squares together and so we expect to be handing out the blankets to the needy within the next week. 

What a heart-warming picture is conjured up in my mind when I think of all the ladies that have lovingly knitted squares and that each of these squares will contribute to keeping a needy person warm. The blankets are such a kaleidoscope of colours too that I’m sure they will lift the spirits of the recipients. 

I would like to thank each and every contributor to this project for making this such a resounding success. Your willingness to help has been so inspiring. May each of the knitters as well as the recipients be blessed by this project.

It is definitely hip to be square!!!!

P.S. If you feel inspired to do so, you may start knitting your squares for next year as we trust this will become an annual project!!!

written by Di Trollip