The Karoo Winter Wool Festival is all about celebrating natural fibers and all things authentically Karoo! Come Dance the night away in a Karoo wool shed, run or ride through the beautiful Karoo Koppies, learn about wool, develop your crafting skills with wool workshops, marvel at unique South African-made woollen products, indulge in delicious Karoo food and drink, make friends and perhaps some new business connections. 

The highlight of the 2023 Karoo Winter Wool Festival was undeniably the Karoo Winter Wool Festival Fashion Showcase, curated by Merchants on Long.

Made possible by Cape Wools SA and curated by Merchants on Long, the 2024 Fashion Showcase is poised to be an unmissable feature of the Karoo Winter Wool Festival programme. This showcase will seamlessly blends high fashion and cutting-edge couture with the natural landscape, presenting the latest designs against the backdrop of the very source from which their fibers originate. 

Be sure not to miss this on of a kind event. 

Date : Friday 14th June 2024 

Venue: Dwarsvlei Guest Farm, Middelburg Eastern Cape 

Tickets for the Fashion Showcase are included in general admission for the Karoo Winter Wool Festival. 

Tickets available on Quicket

ROBBIE WESSELS in Middelberg!! Can't imagine anything more exciting!

Be sure to get your tickets today! Tickets are limited and you don't want to be left in the cold missing this sure to be Karoo Winter Wool Festival highlight! With his infectious energy, catchy tunes, and spirited performances, Robbie Wessels is sure to set the stage on fire, delivering a show that will leave you singing along and dancing till dawn.

Tickets are :

R200 per adults,

R100 per child under 12

If you want to secure a table for yourself and 9 friends book a table for R2 500 (includes 10 adult tickets).

15th June 2024 at Rusoord Wedding Venue and Functions

Gates open at 18:00pm

Robbie takes the stage at 20:00pm

DJ & Dancing to continue until late !

Cash Bar available as well as food stalls to ensure that you have an unique, unforgettable experience!

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We are thrilled to have connected with Landbou Weekblad this year to bring the Familiboerderymeesterklas to Middelburg! Dont miss this fantastic opportunity to learn from the experts on how to refine your Family Farming enterprise! Spend Friday morning as part of the meesterklasse and then enjoy the rest of the weekend at the Wool festival experiencing a true Karoo celebration.

All Familieboerderymeesterklas tickets include a general admission ticket to the Karoo Winter Wool Festival.

FAMILIBOERDERYMEESTERKLAS BY DIE KAROO WINTERWOLFEES! As jy droom oor ’n suksesvolle familiebesigheid is Landbouweekblad se familieboerderymeesterklas saam met Theo Vorster die ideale geleentheid om jou besigheid/boerdery op die wenpad te plaas.

Kom sluit by ons aan:

14 JUNIE – Middelburg

Feestoegang is by kaartjieprys ingesluit.

Kaartjies is beskikbaar by

Spaar tot R500 as jy jou kaartjie vroeg koop.


Welcoming threads to the Karoo

using art and artisinal practies to tell stories of our shared heritage

We are so honoured to be welcoming 'threads' by Kate Otten to the Karoo. We can't wait to display this masterpiece in the Dwarsvlei Shearing Shed at the Karoo Winter Wool Festival. This is a truly unique opportunity to bring the story of threads to the heart of the Karoo for all to enjoy. 

"Hosted by La Biennale di Venezia, La Biennale Architecturra is one of the world’s most prestigious architectural events, attracting a multitude of diverse academics, practitioners, writers and critics from around the world, to present, discuss and debate a broad range of ideas through the architectural lens. The curator of the 2023 exhibition was Scottish-Ghanian architect, academic and novelist, Professor Lesley Lokko OBE - the first Black architect appointed by La Biennale di Venezia to lead the event.  Kate Otten Architects was honoured to have been invited to participate in this prestigious event. 

In response to the invitation and brief from the curator, Lesley Lokko, and through the lens of how we conceptualise and make architecture, we have designed a piece called ‘threads’. This architectural installation tells a visual story of Johannesburg, the city where our work as architects takes place.  It is a story about how gold came to be here, the mining thereof and the outcomes of this process, narrated by women through different weavings and readings that describe this long history. 

We have designed, crafted and drawn the various parts of the piece and then worked closely with two creative collectives, namely The Herd Designs and Frances vH, for the realisation of the work.  It speaks to our intuitive and collaborative mode of making architecture where colour, light and pattern are important elements in our expression as well as the tactile act of making by hand. ‘threads’ offers different ways of seeing, creating new opportunities for making place for the future that nurtures the human spirit. "

Threads will be open for all Karoo Winter Wool Festival goers to enjoy!

Rediscovering Wool, Rediscovering the Karoo! 
More information about KWWF 2024 comming soon! In the meantime, take a look at everything that people are saying about their time at the 2023 last year. 


Middelburg  Eastern Cape - In d' Middel 

Why does the Karoo Winter Wool Festival find its home in Middelburg? The reasons are plentiful. Nestled amidst breathtaking mountains and surrounded by the exquisite vistas of the Karoo, Middelburg serves as a convenient midway point for travelers between Johannesburg and Cape Town, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape, and Bloemfontain and Port Elizabeth. Beyond its strategic location, Middelburg boasts a rich history deeply rooted in wool farming, making it a central hub for the Karoo wool farming region.

Adding to its significance, Middelburg is the proud home of the Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute, a renowned institution specializing in agricultural education, particularly in the realm of small livestock and sheep.

The Karoo Winter Wool Festival has a broader purpose—it strives to connect festival-goers directly to the source by taking them to the farms. This initiative breaks down barriers between the raw fiber and end-users, fostering a deeper appreciation for the wool story, a love for sheep, and a comprehension of the origin of woolen fibers. Our mission extends to hosting the festival on operational sheep farms, ensuring that the love and celebration of this unique and sustainable fiber continue to thrive.

More information on Middelburg :

The second Karoo Winter Wool Festival held in Middelburg from the 22nd Jue 2023 to the 25th June 2023 was a great sucess! We are still marvelling in the magic of this one of a kind event. We are incredibly grateful for the support from our partners and sponsors and can't wait to share the photographs and stories that have come out of this weekend. 

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A short documentary produced with HRH The Prince of Wales for the Campaign for Wool 

Against a background of misleading anti wool lobbying currently orchestrated by global giants of fast fashion, the Campaign for Wool decided to engage with leading academic experts in the field of land management and carbon sequestration to demonstrate the positive pastoral contribution the grazing of ruminants, particularly sheep, makes to the continued wellbeing of the planet. 

These peer reviewed findings add to already well documented research revealing wool’s unique renewable and biodegradable end of life attributes and the contribution the fibre makes to the circular economy.

*Festival Photos by Samantha Reinders