Be Part of the 2023 Festival 


We are excited to ask you to be part of the second Karoo Winter Wool festival which will take place from the 22nd June to the 25th June 2023. 

We are looking for all bussiness, personel, service providers, artisans, educational institutions ... anyone who has a love for wool, natural fibres and the Karoo! Help us celebrate South Africa's wonderful wool industry while building partnerships and becoming part of a vibrant natural fibre community. 

The Karoo Winter Wool Festival strives to promote local products and services that are of excellent quality and that use the Karoo's natural resources, such as wool and mohair. We hope to highlight business that have a sustainable ethos, promote natural fibre, slow fashion, and our local South African economy. Wool is used in innovative ways throughout the country and we hope to use this space to showcase these different enterprises. 

We would also like to celebrate the crafting culture around wool and mohair, encouraging people to support our local wool industry by buying local yarns. 

We strive to have excellent quality food, drink and coffee at the Karoo Winter Wool Festival 2023. We would love to serve our festival goers with traditional Karoo food as well as gourmet options that are an experience in themselves. 

Our emphasis is on quality and authenticity. Celebrating only the best that the Karoo has to offer. 

Submitting your application does not guarantee the allocation of a stall or workshop / demonstration slot at the Karoo Winter Wools festival. You will be notified if your application is sucessful. 

Once your application is successful we will send you an invoice with the amount required to secure your stall. 


Saturday 24th June - 09:00 am - 17:00 

Sunday 25th June - 09:00am - 15:00 

Stall Fees are as Follows: 

Wool/Natural Fibre Business: (2m x 2m space, Table and chair on request at extra cost, No electricity) 

Inside Nourse Shed : R700 per stall space for the weekend 

Outside Nourse Shed (own Gazebo/ Covering will be required) : R500 per stall space  for the weekend 

Wool Artists : ( No Electricity ) 

Inside various Sheds in the Market space - Art displayed in festival area for exposure and for purchase : R400 for the weekend display of 2m x 2m wall space (one series or one instrallation) 

Food Stalls : (3m x 3m space, Table and chair on request at extra cost, No electricity, all own equipment must be supplied)

Tent : R400 for the weekend 

Tent inside serving area and Braai/outside cooking area : R500 for the weekend

Agricultural Services:  (4m x 4m space, Table and chair on request at extra cost, No electricity, own equipment must be supplied)

Agricultural Tent : R1 000 for Saturday 09:00 - 17:00  

Educational Insitutions: (2m x 2m space, Table and chair on request at extra cost & no electricity) 

Inside the Speaker Shed:R200 per stall space  for the weekend - this will be more of a display than interactional stall. 

Outside Speaker Shed (own Gazebo/ Covering will be required) : R200 per stall space  for the weekend 

Once your application has been accepted we will send you an invoice with the necessary details to make payment to confirm your stall at KWWF. 

More information can be found here: Stall Information Pdf

Contact for more information. 


The Karoo Winter Wool festival is all about celebrating wool and natural fibres. Part of this celebration is sharing knowledge and skills with fellow natural fibre enthusiasts. We would like everyone to leave the the festival feeling like they have learned something new. For this reason the workshop and demonstration program is very important to us. 


Workshops will be held on the Thursday the 22nd June 2023, Friday the 23rd of June 2023 with Saturday the 24th June to still be confirmed. There will be four workshops held a day at different venues in and around the town of Middelburg

We encourage you to have between 10 and 20 people in your workshop and to develop a workshop that incorporates natural fibres for all ability levels. 

The Workshop Fees will be R400 per workshop to cover the venue hire and an additional R100 for ticket  administration. This will amount to a R500 total workshop fee. 

Once your application for a workshop has been approved, we will begin the advertising of your workshop and manage ticket sales using the q

Quicket ticketing system. 


We will be introducing a deonstration programme to our list were we ask artisans, creative enthusiats and natural fibre lovers to spend maximum 1 hour demonstrating a skill or presenting an idea or service. This will be a space for a more condenced educational knowledge sharing opportunity. Demonstrations can include mending of knitwear, caring for wool, spinning of wool by hand, basics of knitting, basics of crocheting etc. 

Demonstrations will take place on Saturday the 24th June 2023 at Dwarsvlei Farm as part of the Karoo Winter Wool festival Market program. 

There will be no tickets sold for demonstrations and no fee charged to demonstration holders. 

You will be notified if your demonstration application has been accepted and where you will be situated on the Saturday program between the time of 10:00am  and 17:00 pm.

Contact for more information.